1. The Mayberry Diner originated in Chesapeake, Virginia as Cosmo’s Diner in 1998 and was owned and operated by Cosmo Walker.  The new owners, Bob Craig and Kathy Gentry, purchased the 10 year old diner in June of 2008 and began the process of moving the diner to Moneta, Virginia.  October 10, 2008 the Mayberry Drive-In and diner opened with a bang!  The drive-in became an instant success with movies such as Indiana Jones and Madagascar 2 hit the big screen.  Folks from near and far have come just to experience the nostalgia of the old time Drive-In theater and Diner. 
  2. Bob and Kathy have won multiple awards for their new venture including, “Stars of the Lake” Entrepreneur of the Year, New Business 2008 with the Discover SML Magazine and New Business of 2009 with the Laker Magazine.  With their excellent menu selection , home-style cooking, and friendly staff, you will surely feel at home.  Join us Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights for a movie, we are sure that you will not be disappointed!  Enjoy!